Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our 14th Month Mark

I am grateful this week for the sweet hermanas who served with us on the Island.  They would serve there 4 1/2 to 6 months, and in that time, we became very close.  Each one of these girls has impressed me and has inspired me do want to be a better person.  They are so positive and work so hard everyday.  They love the Savior and they give their all in their effort to share the gospel to everyone. I was able to visit with Hermana West and (Hermana) Chrissy Grover this week.  I love these sweet girls.

Tuesday was the Leadership Council meeting.  The Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders all come for training with President and Sister Jackson.  Then they conduct the Zone Training meeting in their zones the next day.  Aren't they a great looking group?

But let's be honest!  The most exciting part of the meeting was the distribution of the iPads.  This was the staging room before the distribution took place.  The missionaries will have all of their scriptures on the iPads, access to the Gospel Art Library, lds.org, and all of the church videos, just to name a few things.  It will be a good tool for them and they are excited to use it.

And I know that Hermana West loves me because she put the iPad down to give me a hug and visit with me.  She is working hard in Leganés and she still loves being a missionary.

And then we were serenaded by a large group of elders as Elder Ridd and Elder Schwenke played the ukulele.  They really have some beautiful arrangements of the hymns and Primary songs.  I just love to hear them sing.

President Jackson grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone.  Elder Ridd had an apron on, as if he was going to grill, but President Jackson did all the honors.

 We also enjoyed seeing Elder Rawson and Elder Dyer who had served with us on the Island.

Wednesday, we had our Zone Training meeting in Acalá de Henares.  They have a beautiful free standing building there.  Forty years ago, Elder Larsen served in that area, and one of his assignments was to find a piece of property for the church to buy.  The building sits on that piece of property.  I will have to remember to take a picture of it the next time we have a meeting there.  And we enjoyed seeing more of our missionaries from the Island.
                                        Elder Roka                                               Elder Wiltbank

 And Elder Hansen who will be going home July 7th.

On Monday, the elders and hermanas went to Ribs, a restaurant that serves barbeque.  They did the Habanero Hamburger challenge.  These are the T-shirts that they got.  I wanted Elder Ridd's that says, "Wild Texan."  But I will not be doing the challenge for a T-shirt.  

There was also a little fun entertainment in the office one afternoon.  Elder Hendricks found a bag of Jelly Bellys and shared them with Elder Voss and Elder Daniels by way of throwing the jelly beans to them.  They were quite entertained and I was glad no one chipped a tooth.

Friday night, we attended Home Evening with the ward.  This man is an investigator who played a beautiful classical piece on the violin.  We also enjoyed a lesson about the gifts about the Spirit.

(Hermana) Chrissy Grover was at church on Sunday.  She finished her mission in December.  She and her family will be in Spain for a week.  They are also going to visit on the Island.  It was so nice to meet her family.  They are very sweet people.  Chrissy left the Island last September. I couldn't believe it had been that long since we had seen her.  It has truly been a blessing to know her.  

Hermana Harper and Hermana Staker had an investigator with them at church. 

Hermana Clements and Hermana Bingham had two investigators at church as well, but these are two sweet members in the ward.  

It was the elders turn to come over for Sunday dinner.  Our apartment is too small to have them all come over at once, and I don't have enough dishes to feed them all.  We had Sweet Pork Burritos, Cilantro Rice, Texas Caviar, Chips, and Chocolate Cake.  I have to serve them in my tiny kitchen because my table is too small to put the food on.  I sat on the cabinet in the corner to lean back and take a picture of these five great elders filling up my kitchen.

 And, they remembered that they have to sing for their food.  So they had a song ready to sing for me after dinner.  I just l love to hear their beautiful music.

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