Sunday, September 7, 2014

Zone Conference #2

This week I am so grateful for all the missionaries in our zone and for President an Sister Jackson.  We met together Monday and Tuesday, and I always feel so inspired while being with all of these great people.  Our missionaries all talk about the the great love that they feel from President and Sister Jackson.  We are blessed to have leaders that lead with love.

Monday everyone flew to the island.  It took a spread sheet for Elder Larsen to keep up with all the trips to the airport, but being the master organizer that he is, everyone arrived without a problem.  We had fixings for sandwiches and I made two batches of snickerdoodles which were enjoyed by everyone.  

Then we went to a park where they played Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer.  It was a beautiful day and the missionaries really enjoyed getting out and burning up some energy.

Hermana Irigoyen is actually scoring a point at this moment!

 After much coaxing, President Jackson joined the missionaries.

And just moments later, he pulled his hamstring.  
Poor President!  
That night he slept propped up in bed 
and the next day he couldn't turn his neck.
It's no fun getting old!

We had the privilege of having the eight Hermanas, and Elder and Hermana Hatch spend the night with us.  I always wanted a house full of girls, and that night we had just that.  They brought such a sweet spirit with them.  After everyone got cleaned up, Elder Larsen gave a beautiful message from Luke 19:1-10.  We discussed Zacchaeus and his great desire to see the Lord.  And what is our desire?  What are we willing to do to be with our Savior, and have his Spirit with us on a daily basis?

 Elder Larsen sharing a story with the Hermanas.

 Don't you just love their smiles?

 I made two batches of chocolate chip cookies that night.

And the girls enjoyed hot ones form the oven!

The next morning, we had French Toast and Oscar Meyer bacon. 
It was just like being at home.  Yum!

We had a wonderful Zone Conference.  President Deniz, the stake president joined us.  He is an amazing man with such a love for the Lord.  I always enjoy hearing him speak.  President Jackson shared a story I had heard before, but it had been a long time.  It starts out with a young boy who is not happy and can't wait to be older.  It goes through until the man is old and wishes he was young once again.  The simple message is that we need to learn to be happy in the moment we are in, whatever our circumstances.  

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies and Happy Missionaries!
 Elder Bybee

 Elder Gentry

 Elder Thunell

Elder Dyer and Elder Hansen

Elder Bybee and Elder Wiltbank

 Our Great Leaders-President and Sister Jackson

My Heroes Hermana and Elder Hatch
This is their 3rd mission.
We sure wish we could get together more often.

We celebrated Ruth's birthday with our group in Vecindario.

 Ricardo, Ruth, Kimberly, Fabio

Pictures of our happy missionaries before getting water poured on them with the silly group game!
 Hermana Irigoyen and Elder Bybee

 Elder Wiltbank

 Hermana Grover, Luis, Desiree

A great class with our Las Palmas group and delicious food.

The missionaries invited us to a Japanese Wok on Saturday.  

 Do they have to serve the shrimp with the heads on,
and the black beady eyes looking at me?

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