Sunday, October 12, 2014

Omar's Farewell Party

This week, I am grateful that we were able to have our wonderful missionaries spend their P-day (preparation day) with us.  When those ten wonderful young people are in our house, it feels more like a home.  My favorite moment was when Hermana Irigoyen ran in the door saying, "Mom, we're home!"  And then she gave me a big hug.  We have served with this wonderful young woman for five months.  What a blessing she is to this area!

The missionaries wrote their weekly emails.

We had some yummy Honey Lime Enchiladas, thanks to my mom for sending some key ingredients.

 Hermana Trone and Elder Sarango handwriting letters

There were some very serious games of chess,

                    Jenga Tetris                                                                                  Mexican Train

And several games of good old UNO.

Elder Tanner's birthday was the next day, but we celebrated as a group.  He requested Boston Creme Pie.  I had never made one before, but I must say my first attempt was quite delicious.

 Happy 21st Birthday, Elder Tanner!

 Hermana Larsen, Elders Larsen, Sarango, Thunell, Hermana Irigoyen, Elder Hansen, Wiltbank, Bybee, Hermana Trone, Elders Maxfield and Dyer

We walked outside with the missionaries as they headed down our street to the bus stop.  With their backpacks on, I felt like we were sending our kids off to school.  Instead, we were sending them off to participate in the great work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Tuesday, we had piano lessons, English classes, and afterwards Family Home Evening.  Since it was Elder Tanner's birthday, Hermana Trone made brownies and we had ice cream as well.  Elder Tanner looks happy, so hopefully it was a good birthday. 

 We attended the district meeting in Vecindario this week.  We had a good meeting and afterwards I filled the missionaries up with spaghetti.  They seem very happy to have some leftovers to take home.

 Wednesday night was our Institute class in Vecindario.  Elder Larsen taught a very inspiring class about justification and sanctification.
We also watched this video which is one of our favorites.  (My attempt to attach a video did not work last week.  I am trying again.) It depicts Christ's role as our Mediator. How grateful I am for our Savior and for the precious gift of His atoning sacrifice.  

                    Kimberly                                                                                               Abinadi

 Old-fashioned American brownies are a favorite with these young adults.

Fabio and Dario

Thursdays are very busy now.  We have an adult Institute class in the morning with a piano lesson afterwards.  We have time to run home for a bite to eat and head back to the church for five more piano lessons before English classes start.  Then we have another adult Institute class that night. Attendance at my English classes is booming.  People are back from summer vacations and we have had several new people join us.  We also had a total of 13 adults that attended Institute classes on Thursday.  We are enjoying the opportunity to learn together with these good people.

Here are a few of our young adults who attended Institute on Friday night. 
 Maria, Sara, Aida

Johan, Fran, Josué, Andres

I cooked all day Saturday, making barbecue chicken sliders, chicken enchiladas, seven layer dip, chocolate peanut butter cookies, banana bread, and cinnamon rolls.  The cinnamon rolls were a special request from Omar, and they are loved by all of the young adults.  (No photos!)  The food was for a going-away party for Omar.  He will leave for his mission in two weeks.  He is serving in the Spain Madrid Mission.  If we are visiting on the peninsula, we might have an opportunity to see him again. We are so happy to have these young people leave to serve missions, but it is sad to know that we will not be here when they return.  

We love it when we get to have both or our young adult groups together!
 Andres, Omar, Johan

Fabio, Xoimara, Josué, John
Yasmina, Elder Larsen, Dario

Aida, Denisse, Sara, Kinberly, Ruth

 Not too sure if some of the techniques that were used on the limbo are allowed!

A fun night with a wonderful group of young adults!

Because we had General Conference last week, we had Fast Sunday this week.  It is nice to feel connected to our children and grandchildren by wearing our matching pins, hair clips, and ties. Thanks to all our family members for their love and support.

Sawyer, Sophie, Cascia, Steve, Cooper
Do I have the cutest grandchildren?

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  1. How wonderful pictures from Omar's Farewell Party!! I am so impressed to see all these photos. Recently I threw a farewell party for my son at the outdoor Venues in NYC and can say that the farewell parties are just stunning mix of the enjoyable at the same time very emotional moments.