Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Arteara and the Fataga Valley

This week I am thankful for the opportunity we had to watch General Conference.  I am so grateful for the amazing technology that allowed us to watch the conference sessions live while we were so far away.  I was inspired and uplifted by the messages that were shared.  I have set goals that will help me be a better person.  I am grateful their is a prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson, and apostles who represent the Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know that the world would be a better place if we all were more like President Monson, who has lived his life serving and giving to others.

Another busy week has been completed.  We started out our week with an outing.  The Las Palmas missionaries met us at the house and then we drove down to Vecindario to meet the other missionaries.  The sisters had on the skirts that I had hemmed for them.  They brought me a fan to thank me for my efforts.  I should add, all the ladies use fans here!
Hermana Trone, Larsen, Irigoyen

We drove to the Necropolis of Arteara, in the Fataga Valley.  This location has the most "recent" lava flow on the island.  This archaeological site dates back to 700 AD.  It is the oldest burial site on the island and has burial mounds that are made from local stone.  There is a very unique contrast between the lava flow zones and the huge green palm groves, where there once were villages.

We started off our trip standing around, eating our chicken pasta salads.  Once again, no picnic tables!

The first thing we saw as we headed done the trail was prickly pears.  I have to back up and repost some pictures from earlier this summer.  We see these cactus plants on our walks and it has been fascinating to watch them grow from the pretty yellow blossom, to ....

a prickly pear.

Elder Thunell and Elder Gentry had brought some prickly pears to one of our district meetings, but after the other elders got needles in their fingers, and Elder Gentry told us he got sick from eating the prickly pears, I was not brave enough to try one that day. 

But on our adventure, Hermana Trone ate one.  She had had one before that was frozen and said it was very good that way.  
 Elder Sarango, Elder Tanner, Hermana Trone

 Elders Hanswn, Sarango, Maxfield, Hermana Trone, Elder Bybee

I decided to be brave and give it a try.  I figured a couple of bites would be safe.  It did not have a lot of flavor, but was sweet and refreshing.

These are some of the burial sites.

My favorite thing was the palm tree oasis.

 Hermana Trone, Irigoyen, Larsen - I just love these two sister!

 Elder Bybee and Elder Wiltbank

Elder Tanner and Elder Thunell

 A pomegranate tree along the roadside.

A mime was at one of the lookouts.  I really thought it was a statue at first.  

When Elder Larsen put some coins in his box, he bowed.  I wasn't able to get the photo.  So, when Elder Larsen put in more money, he bowed very slowly for me.

 Elder Thunell and Elder Sarango

This area is sometimes referred to as the Grand Canyon of Gran Canaria.

I am always amazed when we get to a lookout and can see the ocean.  

We are living on an island!

Hermana Trone helped us out at English class, writing pronunciations using letter sounds from Spanish.  These are the months of the year, if you couldn't tell.

Elder Bybee an Elder Wiltbank shared a demonstration showing how we spend our time.  If we do the less important things first, we will find no room for the important things.  But if we have our priorities right, and accomplish the most important things first, then we will have room for the extras in life.  Always a good reminder!

We had a good turn out for our Institute class in Vecindario. This is a wonderful group of young people and we love them dearly. Elder Larsen taught an inspiring class and there was some good discussion.  He actually taught four Institute classes this week because the other teacher was out of town.  He did a wonderful job for each one.

Friday we had the opportunity to attend the wedding of Rafa and Evani.  We walked only a few blocks from our church, to the neighborhood where the wedding took place.  It was a beautiful area. 

 The plumeria here are just beautiful.

 Hermana Larsen, Hermana Irigoyen, Sara, Hermana Trone

Evani was a beautiful bride.

Her precious nephew, Gabriel, was the ring bearer.

 Luciano (one of my piano students) and Evani

 The signing of the document is part of the ceremony.

Three of our favorite young adults.
Omar leaves on the October 28th for his misison in Madrid. Sarinhaah (Evani's daughter) leaves October 8th for Brazil, and Sara is putting her papers in soon.  We can't wait to see where she will serve.  

This was a wonderful weekend for us with the opportunity to watch Genreal Conference.  I hooked up my computer to the television, and we were able to watch the conferences in English.  They were showing it in Spanish in the chapel. The sessions were 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, with the priesthood session at 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning.   We enjoyed some chocolate cake on Saturday.

Hermana Irigoyen's English is good, but she chose to use my Ipad and headphones to listen in Spanish.  The blessings of technology.

Then I brought peanut butter, jelly, and honey for sandwiches on Sunday.  The missionaries were so appreciative.  Peanut butter is expensive here, so they don't have it very often.  Elder Bybee shared a banana cake he made.
 Elder Tanner and Elder Hansen

Elders Hansen, Maxfield, Dyer, Larsen, Sisters Larsen, Trone, Elders Bybee, Wiltbank, Tanner

All of the conference talks were wonderful, but I thought I would post a talk that I really liked.  I hope you will take the time to listen.  I know these men are called of God.  I know that their teachings and counsel will help to improve our lives if we apply their teachings and strive to be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.  

I love my Savior and I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve.  Elder Larsen and I feel privileged to be called to serve full-time as a missionaries for Him.  We are blessed to work with these wonderful people here in Gran Canaria.  We are uplifted by the people that attend our classes and we learn from them.  

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