Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sick with a Cold!

This week I am grateful that I did not stay sick all week.  I started getting a cold on the weekend, and was wiped out by Monday morning.  Whenever I am sick, it always makes me appreciate even more that I am usually a very healthy person.  I am very grateful for that blessing.

Elder Larsen left early for the airport with Chace and Madison and I went back to bed for most of the day.  I HATE COLDS!  I was supposed to be at the Packs house, cooking and getting ready for the leadership council meeting and meal that would take place on Tuesday.  I am glad that the hermanas came over and helped Hermana Pack.  I was sad to miss the fun interaction with those sweet girls.  It was Hermana Packs birthday.  Their family went out to dinner at the restaurant that has a type of Avocado Eggrolls.  They aren't as good as the ones back home, but they are a close second.  Hermana Pack and Caroline were so sweet and brought me some to cheer me up.

I was not 100%, but I was back at the office on Thursday and it was Elder Ruiz's birthday.  I had made him a chocolate cake and then his mother had a cake and ballons delivered to the office.  She also sent two boxes of cupcakes! And everyone was in the party mode!

She also sent cookies to the Packs that had individual letters that spelled "GRACIAS," and balloons.  What thoughtful lady!

I have been asked to direct a ward choir for Stake Conference.  I am a little overwhelmed.  We don't have a lot of strong singers in the ward, and I am not the best choir director.  We don't have much time to practice.  We will need the angels to join us!  I found a song with a nice violin obligato. Elder Ruiz played it for me on the flutophone, so I could hear it with the hymn.  I hope this all comes together.

Elder Barlow's birthday was on Monday, but I was in no condition to prepare food.  So, I brought him some mint brownies on Saturday.  He was happy to receive them!

President and Hermana Pack left on Saturday morning to attend stake conference in the islands.  I would like to have folded up in the suitcase and gone with them.  But, we did the opportunity to stay with Jonathon and Caroline.  I made Jewish Sweet Bread for them, and they loved it, as you can see!

Elder Larsen and I have been teaching a Marriage and Family Relationship class at church.  I taught this class before, but I learn more each time I teach because of the truths of these principles.  I love this quote by President Hinckley:
Elder Gordon B. Hinckley counseled:
“I know of no single practice that will have a more salutary effect upon your lives than the practice of kneeling together as you begin and close each day. Somehow the little storms that seem to afflict every marriage are dissipated when, kneeling before the Lord, you thank him for one another, in the presence of one another, and then together invoke his blessings upon your lives, your home, your loved ones, and your dreams.  God then will be your partner, and your daily conversations with him will bring peace into your hearts and a joy into your lives that can come from no other source. Your companionship will sweeten through the years; your love will strengthen. Your appreciation for one another will grow.” 
How blessed I am to have a wonderful spouse to kneel in pray with everyday.  He is a great blessing in my life!

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