Sunday, January 17, 2016

Back in Spain

I am very grateful that I do not have to travel internationally on a regular basis.  Let's just say that the jet lag has been rough on both ends.

I arrived home on Thursday and tried to get back into a routine by working shorter days at the office.
Sunday we had the missionaries over for dinner.  I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the group.

But I did get a photo of these two missionaries Elder Regehr and Hermana Freestone, who actually knew each other before the mission.  Hermana Freestone is friends with Elder Regehr's older sister.  I said that we were having pumpkin cookies and hot cocoa, and they asked if they needed to sing the Hot Cup of Cocoa song.  Little did they know, that I actually know that song.  Hermana Freestones mother was the amazing choir director for years at the elementary school.  My oldest son, Chad, was in an amazing elementary school choir, where he learned that song, and I have loved it ever since. l It was so fun to hear them sing it as we enjoyed our cookies and cocoa.

Hermana Freestone also shared the spiritual message.  She talked about the Provo Tabernacle that burned down several years ago, leaving just the outside walls.  She talked about how the Lord allowed that to happen because now he has made something better from it, a beautiful temple.  (Go here to see videos about the completion of this temple. ) Then she talked about how recently she has felt like the Lord is doing the same thing with her.  She looks the same on the outside, but the Lord is changing her on the inside.  Sometimes the process is painful, but we will always become a better self if we allow Him to work within us.  I look forward to going to this temple when we get home. 

Monday I shopped with Hermana Pack and we cooked the rest of the day.  We made chili for the Mission Leadership Council the next day.  It was just 8 batches.  The Packs also had some missionaries over for interviews and President Pack grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.  We made an early birthday cake for Caroline. Her birthday is on the 18th, but Hermana Pack wanted to surprise her with a cake while the Hermanas were spending the night for the MLC the next day.  

We started at 7:15 Tuesday morning making pancakes for 40.  I am always so grateful for the Hermanas and how willing they are to help in the kitchen.  It was nice having the chili already made, and then I made 7 batches of peach crisp.  Of course, we served it with ice cream and the missionaries loved it.  I even had help from the office elders with cleaning up the kitchen.  Then we headed to the office for a different kind of work.

Thursday morning, I attended District Meeting.  We were spiritually fed with a wonderful message by Elder Dugan and I physically fed us with scotcheroos, always a favorite.  
Hermanas Figueiredo, Freestone, Elders Weiss, Guerra, Koeven, Regehr, and Dugan

I have gotten out of the picture taking mode.  I took very few pictures this week, but here is one of Elder Regehr and Elder Koeven.

I didn't get a photo of Elder Dugan with his Christmas package.  It was a little late after they had held it at the post office, but he was happy to open it.

On Thursday, we found out that Elder Larsen past the written exam for his driver's license.  He took a class back in October, studied and studied, and missed one too many questions on his first attempt. He studied even harder and passed it the second time.  We were so excited that we decided to go out to eat to celebrate.  It was our first time to eat at Ribs.  It was okay.  I need to share a barbecue sauce recipe with them, but, at least it was open before 8 p.m.  We have not become Spaniards and we do not like to eat that late at night.  Now he has to have driving classes before he can take the driving test!  Amazing!

Saturday we went to the temple.  I always feel such a spirit of love and peace when I am there.  I can focus on our Savior, Jesus Christ and all the things that He has done and continues to do for me. I am grateful that the temple is so close to us and that we have this opportunity to attend regularly.  

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